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Ear piercing is a rite of passage for many children and teens. But far too many young people get their ears pierced at malls or even do it themselves, with disastrous results. Instead of risking infections, uneven piercings, or other problems, you can trust the team at Valley of the Sun Pediatrics for professional ear piercing. The team expertly performs ear piercing in a safe, protected environment. Book an appointment at their offices in Peoria and Glendale, Arizona, or using the online scheduler.

Ear Piercing Q&A

How is medical ear piercing better than ear piercing at the mall?

At a store or kiosk at the mall where ear piercings are performed, the employees generally have a bare minimum of training and experience. Often, the safety and cleaning protocols are lacking, which could potentially leave your child vulnerable to germs and infections. Our doctors use a professional ear piercing kit that has less allergy risk.

Ear piercing involves creating a controlled skin puncture, and only a medical professional should do that. At Valley of the Sun Pediatrics, your child’s care providers are highly trained practitioners who expertly and safely perform piercings to give your child the results they want. 

Can my child bring their own earrings?

No. Your child’s doctor uses sterilized, pre-loaded earrings to give them the safest ear piercing possible. Not to worry, your child can wear any earrings they like as soon as their ears are healed — usually around the six-week mark. 

How do you take care of your ears after piercing?

After ear piercing, the team gives your child detailed aftercare instructions. It's important to follow these guidelines closely to avoid problems while healing. 

Generally, instructions include leaving the new earrings in at all times for a minimum of six weeks, as removal could allow the hole to close. Typically, this also includes turning the earrings twice a day, which helps keep the holes in place. 

Your child should wash their ears every day using either soap and water or a cleaning solution recommended by the care team at Valley of the Sun Pediatrics. 

Your child’s provider may recommend dabbing alcohol gently on their ears, around the piercings, every day. A thin coating of Neosporin can maintain moisture and prevent scabs. 

What are the signs of infection after ear piercing?

If your child doesn’t take good care of their ears after piercing, they could develop an infection. The symptoms of an infection include redness, puffiness, pain, and pus discharge. Don’t take a chance if your child develops these issues. Reach out to Valley of the Sun Pediatrics for help right away. 

Book your child’s medical ear piercing by calling Valley of the Sun Pediatrics or set up an appointment by using the online scheduling tool today.

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