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Well Visits and Vaccinations

It is important to be proactive about your child's health. Staying current on well visits and vaccinations is one of the best things you can do. We have prepared a schedule for your reference.

Well Visits

Well child visits are an important opportunity to be proactive about your child's health. During a well child visit, your child's physician will assess your child's overall health, and physical and mental development. The physician will also give you information about normal development, nutrition, sleep, safety, infectious diseases, information about recommended tests, screenings and vaccinations, and other important topics they feel you should know about.


We follow the guidelines of the CDC pertaining to the administration of childhood vaccinations. Immunizations are important not only for your child's health, but for the health of other children, and the community.

If you have concerns about immunizing your child, we are happy to discuss the pros and cons of doing so.